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Coriline OdongoMy career spans over 30 years during which I have been an actor and director for both stage and screen. On Screen I have worked on TV series, Feature Films, Actor’s trainings as well as holding director’s masterclasses.

The most recent projects I have worked on include:
1. SELINA – Telenovela on Maisha Magic/Showmax
2. TEAM SAYARI – Kid’s Television on NatGeo Wild
3. SALEM – Telenovela on Maisha Magic/Showmax

I have also trained actors for the recent production faithless on showmax, as well as two other productions for Multan and Phit IT Productions. I recently (Nov 2023) received an award for my short film – Midnight Van (Best fiction film) during the international film festival on human rights by Under Our Skin. I also won best director for TV Series at the WIFA ceremony 2021




Mike Lolly P

Mike Lolly P is a seasoned Director of Photography and also an alumni of Kibera Film School under Hot Sun Foundation. Who currently works as a Producer, Director and Colorist.

He has made award winning music videos, documentaries, TV commercials and various feature films airing on DSTv Maisha Magic Movies and Netflix.

He has also worked with various organisations like DW News Network, Actionaid Hellas (Greece) Global Platforms Kenya and in Ghana as either Creative Director, Technical Supervisor, Trainer, Photographer or Videographer in various capacities.

Highly sought creative, Mike is aspiring to break borders within and outside of Africa with cinematic and vibrance visual language. Currently working on a TV Series in Mogadishu, Somalia.



Nancy Aluoch

Nancy Aluoch, a production designer from Kenya, has been working in the art department for more than 13 years doing film, television shows, documentaries and TV Commercials.

To sharpen her skills, she has worked in all the mini deparments that constitute the overall production design. This has shaped her into understanding how all these visual elements need to intertwine and work seamlessly together for great production design output.

Some of the notable works she has worked on include flash squad (Akili Kids Network), N*gen (Peabody award nominee), Where The River Divides (An award winning American/Kenyan short film), Selina Telenovela (Two Time Kalasha Best TV show), 18 hours (AMVCA best Feature Film 2018), Watu Wote (Oscar Nominated live action short film), A Number of South African TV Commercials under Eye Design Ltd, Enough of The Silence (Kenyan/Nigerian Film) and Nafsi (Feature Film on Netflix) She has also worked as the consulting production designer on two TV shows; Zari and Haki Mwitu (Maisha Magic Plus) her end goal is to see African stories told the African stories told the African way through our very own perspective reaching all corners of the world. The future of film is in Africa



Jackson Kang'ethe

Jackson Kang’ethe (Associate Producer in The Yellow Dress) is an accomplishment cinematographer hailing from Kenya with a strong passion for telling authentic african strories, with an interest in the art of filmmaking since the age of 13, he has worked tirelessly to pursue his passion and has established himself as one of the top cinematographers in Kenya.

Kang’ethe is best known for his work on thr film midlife crisis, which was directed by Zippy Okoth and earned him a nomination for the prestigious Kalasha Award. he was also collaborated with Kigondu Martin on several short films, including contained and Gatarashaine, as well as a feature film called Uamuzi, which he worked on with Nick Reding.

In 2021, Kang’ethe’s exceptional talent was recognized when he won the best cinematographer award at the 48-hour film project for the film project for the film Hypnagogia. He has also worked on other notable projects, including Lusala, where he served as an assistant camera and bufis, where he worked as the camera operator.
Kang’ethe commitment to telling authentic african stories is a driving force behind his work. He is dedicated to showcasing the diversity and richness of African Culture and society through his cinematography. His passion and skill have earned him recognition and acclaim in the Kenyan film industry and beyond. Jackson Kang’ethe is a true talent and an inspiration to aspiring cinematographers and storytellers.


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