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40 Minutes


Psychological Drama


On the cusp of Kenya’s Independence, a mixed-race couple, haunted by their past, wrestle with suspicion and take steps towards a future that might destroy them both forever.


It is 1963, on the eve of Kenya’s Independence from British rule. Ben, who works for Lynette’s father on his tea farm, comes home from another long work day. Lynette suspects he has been drinking again, and even if he hasn’t that afternoon, he starts soon after coming home. So, too, do his suspicious and probing questions towards Lynette – about her memories, her motivations, everything.

They pick at each other and unpack happier times while chipping away at each other’s sanity and resolve.

The afternoon stretches on, and accusations about race, a failed pregnancy and jealousy over an acquaintance result in a physical explosion in their kitchen.

Ben wakes from an alcohol and rage-fuelled sleep to find old photos, Lynette’s wedding ring and his empty whiskey bottles on the floor. 

Cast Members


Actor | Writer | Producer

Davina Leonard is an actor, Writer and Producer, born and raised in Kenya. She made her stage debut at the Phoenix Theatre aged just 17 years old, studies took her abroad where she wrote and perfomed a one-woman show at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and upon returning to Kenya toured in various productions to Hong Kong, Cape Town and Dar Es Salaam.

Davina has transitioned to behind the camera many times writing a short film now on Netflix and two seasons of successful teen dramas for Kenyan TV. She uses and values art in understanding the world and makes meaning through creativity. She is also one of the producers in The Yellow Dress which she stars in.


Actor | Model

Ywaya Xavier is a decorated seasoned film and stage actor. His passion and dedication to his craft has earned him several awards and accolades.

In 2018, He was Machakos Film Festival best actor nominee, 2019 Sanaa Theatre award winner and an Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) nominee for his role in the movie 40sticks.

He is currently playing Bonnie in the award winning Swahili Telenovela Kina.

He is also a commercial model and a fitness Enthusiast.


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"The Yellow Dress" portrays the disintegration of a once-loving marriage in Kenya's Tea Plantation of Limuru. Ben's jealousy and alcoholism fuel emotional abuse, pushing his wife, Lynette, away. As Ben's behavior worsens, Lynette questions her sanity. In the end, confronted with Ben's delusions, Lynette must make a fateful decision, altering their lives forever.




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